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Mom Chun Li hentai

14 May 21

In this game the legendary characters of Chun li and Ryu (who is for a few reasons represented here as Chibi Ryu) are going to face each other on the battle arena again only this time the stakes are going to acquire higher - unlike all the preceding tournaments today the winner will get the opportunity to fuck the looser! But for you as a hentai devotee this is obviously a win-win situation so care not for any lumps of the story that this game has to offer and focus on it's main attraction - the gonzo fuck-fest scene between Chibi Ryu and Chun Li! Yeah, this even sounds like somethng that you won't hear anyday and also the fact that this can be prettily drawn and aniamted makes this game quite an interesting entertainment for each and every devotee of either"Street Fighter" or anime porn!

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