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MrPinku Halloween Off the hook

22 December 18

MrPinku has a special game for you and it will be even more adequate to play it if you just happen to find it somewhere near Halloween night. But you can play it any othe rnight too if you think that horror, fuckfest and a little bit of humor is a good combination for a hentai game. Or you could play it if you are a"Resident Evil" game series aficionado and you just can't miss anything with Jill Valentine and zombie dogs in it... even if they are taking the roles of some kind of hosts for a stroy telling card game. Quite simply you can find quite enough reasons for you to go and try to play this game yourself. If you're going to enjoy it then check our website for more games from MrPinku. If not then check our site anyway because we have a lot of other manga porn parodies games !

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