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Ninja Crossing Bowls

11 June 18

Maybe you have played crossing cups game? Probably you had or at least heard for sure about it - this is the game where the ball is hidden under one of cups which are actively mixed up and you have to guess under which cup the ball has ended up. But have you tried to play this game abut sexy ninja damsel? After playing this game you response on this question will be"yes"! And since this is manga porn game then your reward will be not currency or prize but the stirtease performed by this exact ninja damsel (who turns out to be indeed hot red-haired under all her cock-squeezing suit and mask)! The more rounds you will win in a row the less clothes she will keep on her and the more sexy poses she will strike for you. Will you be able to overpower her totally because with each new round the challenge will be added also!

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