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Office pranks

5 October 18

Even being a good worker for over few years might be not enough to keep the job when the worldwide financial catastrophe makes the strike. Well, at least according to events exhibited in this game for sure. So now you will have to find a new job but as usual first-ever you will have to meet the big boos for the dialogue. And since this is anime porn game after all this big chief is actually lady manager with big tits! Now it is up to you - will you try to play as professional or will you try to sedcue this sweetie here and now? Ofcourse you can try both options but only one of them will bring you the success... even if this success is a good deal of office fucky-fucky and not getting the new place to do the job! Not very hard to play game with a small bit humor that will display you that even boring office life might have a certain arousal in it!

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