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Pamela Darts 2

2 June 18

Check out what a chesty ultra-cutie has visited your gas station today! And even better - besides providing you with a few bucks of profit she is ready to make your day much better by... playing a darts game! But ofcourse this won't be any usual darts game - it will be striptease variation of it! Clear the target by hitting each and every of it's sectors including the"bullseye" (but only once - second hit will recativate them and you will be reduced of one extra lives for that) and you will see how gorgeous Pamel is when she is moving her curves a while wearing less clothes... The gameplay will still require some accuracy and very superior reflexes from the player so the nicely done and animated cg flicks with chesty Pamela are deifnitely going to be a nice rewards for your efforts.

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