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Panchira Town Carnival

29 May 18

It is a superb nght to visit Panchira town once again - because tonight is the carnival night! And instead of pretty usual activities you will have only one goal tonight - to unclothe all the ladies on the screen! And there will be lots of them since all ofthem will soon be dancing on the big carnival stage together - there will soon 23 of them in total. And just how you supposed to undress them? That's easy - just pick the female you want and play along withher in shifumi game (aka rock-paper-scissors). Each time you will win the female will eliminate one of her clothes elements. Strip the female totally and you will be rewarded with hot hump scene. Done? There is 22 more ladies that want your attention tonight! Fun and easy gameplay and also a lot of hot chicks prepared to unclothe down - that is Carnival night in Panchira town!

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