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Pandorium: Small Business Rourke

19 July 20

Inside this video game you may jaunt a far off galaxy to take part within the pimp war. In terms of the game itself, here you may play the role of a lonely Fat assemblage pimp who has tricked some goofy however corrupting wanting chicks and is currently aiming to create her the most attraction of his cocotte business. The business itself is conferred here as a mini-game which will need some reflexes from you, nevertheless conjointly the flexibility to count periods of your time ahead, which can show up a bit discouraging, however as soon as you begin lovin’, you get it. This is often your chance to set your name on the score of assemblage pimps! Thus let's begin the game in order which you'll be able to build your galactic empire of night brothels. Let's take action.

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