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Pervy dude 2

1 May 18

Young boys prefer to spy on adult ladies and masturbate in their pants. This game can tell you a story about such a boy that is depraved. Alittle however perverted boy likes to spy on ladies publicly places. Now he came to the Mall. He picked up a newspaper and made eye holes in it. Wow. The full-bosomed blonde goes to him. She's taking the Elevator. The boy rides a bit lower and sees her skinny white Thong. Oh, gods, however lovely they're. Suddenly, the blonde starts fart. However the boy likes it, and he runs to the rest room to cover within the trash cans. Currently he watches the blonde piss sitting on the rest room. Of course, this boy may be a pervert. However abruptly a large and muscular man enters the rest room. The boy is fearful. What is going to happen next? You'll recognize the solution once this fascinating game starts.

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