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Pervy dude 2

1 May 18

Small but depraved boy likes to spy on women in public places. This time he came to the mall. He took a newspaper and made crevasses in it for the eyes. Wow. A buxomy blonde goes to him. She rides the elevator. The boy rides a little lower and sees her skinny white g-string. Oh gods how beautiful they are. Suddenly the blonde starts to fart. But the boy likes it and he runs to the wc to hide in the waste baskets. Currently he is watching as the blonde urinates while sitting on the wc. Certainly this boy really is a pervert. But abruptly a fat and muscular man enters the wc. The boy is frightened... What will happen next!? You will know the response by going through this game to the end.

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6 mínús 2 mïnûs (4 múltîρlÿ bÿ 2)   =

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