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Pulverize Town: Lucky Winner

15 June 18

Even getting a new TC set can end up in having lots of fuck-fest if you happened to live in Fuck Town! But only if you will win at the lottery first-ever... And the primary hero (that you are going to play as) is one of the lucky ones! He bough TV, took part in a lotter and after two montsh he eventually got a mail with winner ticket. Now he is some type of local famous - even the newspaper reporter has recognized him while he was visiting the mall. On one side it may become annoying but on the other side this reporter is truly cute chick so if you will manage to turn this situation in a proper direction you will have some quality time with her. And we are talking not about simply giving her an interview ofcourse... More fun and hot stories from Fuck Town you can get on our website at any time.

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