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Pummel Town: Maids Temptation

7 April 21

Who hasn't you worked as in Fucktown yet? A gardener! And it is quite convinient that right in the beging of this manga porn game you happened to operate as gardener in several houses for several years! Ofcourse there were some maids working at the exact houses... so why don't you visit them in this hot summer day and make it hot for a different reason? Justchoose the hous eon the map you want to go to and you will see hot looking big-titted maids in almost every one of them! But look as though they won't let you to fuck them until you will make someting useful for them first-ever. So visit various locations, find useful objects, earn some cash, visit nearby supermarket and so on - in other words before you will get the flower you will have to work with soil first-ever. But as a gardener you most likely already know that...

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