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Pussymon 12

2 May 21

The escapade will continue in this new scene of Pussymon Saga - get ready to make it through the chapter 12 which is branded as"Wet Mission" (quite promising title, don't you agree?). After training Lepllannny you two leave your room to obtain the rest part of your team. And when you find DOT you get a message from Lord Edwin requiring you and your allies to fit him at the Pussymon Hunter Society docks area... and you got it right - this is where your escapade is going to become more and more wet! New quests (such as side quests with easter eggs) to complete, new pussymons to collect and ofcourse a bunch of new sexy animations for you to enjoy - all this in new scene of Pussymon Saga where each devotee of adorable and sexy furries will find a lot of interesting stuff!

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