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Pussymon 28

22 March 18

How do you think - how many vignettes there are at Saga game collection? Well, now there are surely 28 of these if you've been awaiting your fresh epsiode because teh last game ended then get ready to dive right into Pussymon world again and again dwell thru anotehr one superb escapade together with your old friends and fresh enemies... or fresh friends and old enemies? Both choices are possible but that is something you will need to determine on your own. As for the proven information in this epsiode you will get six fresh pussmons and add to your collection, 17 fresh animations and ofcourse fresh side-quest for all who is reday to explore this wonderful world outside the main storyline only! And do not leave behind to look at our wbesite from time to time to receive fresh vignettes!

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