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Pussymon 31

1 May 18

Three tons (!) Of sequences are already done but looks like our brave team of heroes is not even planning to stop on their way to catch and fuck all the pussymons of their world. So get ready to play sequence 31 which has quite short title"Icy". The story so far is that you, DOT and Pinqueegem hastily returned to the Pussymon Hunter Society because you were very worried of the last massage you got from Master Oswald recently... but what would they see here and what new adventures this will make them to take part in you will know only if you will play the game yourself. After all this game is story oriented so let's not spoil the fun. But what is undoubtedly not spoiling teh devotee is the fact that in this sequence you will meet 7 new pussymons, 27 new animations, new esater eggs and many other things!

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