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Pussymon: Episode 44

21 March 19

Ho wmany pussymons there are in this planet? Enough to keep you busy for 44 sequence at the least! So prepare for another portion of the large adventure and perform fresh area of the pussymon sage called"Selene". You and your team are on how to Liunahelm's castle if suddenly DOT gets a concept out of non otehr than king Jeanivolus that the Third! Ofcourse someone of such high rank can get you directly only for a single reason - there's a fresh special assignment for you and your group is ahead. Not to spoil all this story you ought to be aware of just 1 thing - in this specific sequence you're likely to find out more about first mythical pussymon called Lizardish (or even Selene). As for different elements of the game show like fresh quests, fresh cartoons and fresh hot pussymons you've got no need to worry - they're here!

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