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Samus the Tentacle Trap

7 October 18

In this interactive game you will learn the story of a distance blonde. So, the big-titted dame Samus Aran is a senior officer in the space onslaught obliges. Suddenly an intercom signal is heard. A senior officer and orders calls her to emerge on the bridge to receive new instructions. Samus Aran thinks her voice is recognizable, but there are a number of qualms. Samus Aran arrives on the bridge and puts on a space combat suit. Suddenly, an unpleasant rustle is heard behind her. Samus Aran turns around and sees several thick tentacles heading toward her. You will need to run.... So your task is to use the mouse and click on the tentacles to undress the big-titted Samus Aran. Act quickly because time is constrained. So let's embark the game right now.

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