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Sex Kitty Sim-Date 2

17 March 19

The pleasure of dating a cute-looking the neko girl could be fun and all... but only when it occurs in another game for girls! The girl you play with is not a different person than Slutty McSlut who has earned the status as a"neko-bitch" and having her as a boyfriend is an ultimate assessment of your capabilities for survival! The skills you've acquired will be extremely useful in this brand new adventure, if you be brave enough to click the button to start the game now that you are aware of who you are facing! Have you actually done it? Prepare yourself for fast-moving scenes as well as a plethora of characters who will pose you with questions for a quiz, offer your perosnal missions and will either reward or punish you for your accomplishment or the failure! There's a reason that goes behind this too, but you'll need to work hard for a while if you wish to endure long enough to find out what happens.

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