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Sex Kitty Sim-Date 6

16 March 19

Becoming Slutty McSlut's boyfrind is like a job where you are also the one who has to pay. For example in this game you will have to get the required sum of currency so you two may have a holiday journey to Jamaica. And what is the perfect way to earn big sum of currency in short time? Well, accoridng to this particular game the way is to work for prosperous celebrities by caring for their shady things while perfoming some shady things on your own. Just try not to miss any opportunities you will get to earn some excess cash and everything for you and Slutty Mc Slut will end up just nice... but for how long? At least for the time when the next sequence of this humorous and crazy erotic quest series will be released (so don't forget to check our website from time to time)!

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