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Sexy Plumbing

26 March 18

This interesting online game about the work of a plumber. An experienced plumber on this day performs the last order. He meets a big-titted housewife. Look at her humungous baps. They are just perfect. The housewife complains that her plumbing is clogged. Your task is to fix it. Watch the screen. You must assemble the structure of the pipes so that water can flow from point A to point B. Move the pipes around to succeed. If you fix the plumbing, the big-titted landlady will do anything to reward you. For starters, she'll suck your fat dick and slurp your hairy nut sack. Then let you fuck her in her pink cunt and sugary-sweet and round backside. Do you need to do that? Then fix the plumbing and right now fuck this big-titted housewife rough and tough. Do it now.

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