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Slave Lords Of The Galaxy 1.0.1

2 April 21

A fun and engaging game set in the near future, in an undiscovered galaxy. The character in the game may be a mortal from the area. He traveled to another world to create an order. It is believed that he will be fighting in the arena. He also has to locate slaves. They are full-bodied women who can become concubines. You'll have a range of choices. You'll be able to travel through space in a spacecraft galaxy and fight off enemies to earn money. It is also possible to go to a galactic bar to get sex with prostitutes. It is also possible to begin searching for slaves and instructing them. After they have been trained then you can send your slaves to the rostrum. The fight for gold is on after you prepare the players. Find out more about management and coaching through the game's manual. This game can help you be the master over all slaves of the galaxy.

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