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13 May 21

A game online that focuses on discipline and sub-coaching. Sub-coaching without flaw is a kind of a popular theme in manga erotica games. If you happen to be a fan to this kind of game, then we have another game with a lot of possibilities to delight you. Similar to the other games, you'll be playing as a renowned master who trains for the most basic limitation of walking but only you will realize how much time and effort it takes to complete this easy task. However, it also offers many moments of fun! Therefore, if you're not frightened of the struggle and want to stay in the top tier and lead, then we would like to encourage you to try your abilities in transforming another virtual beauty into a flawless slut who is awed by every step of this long and tiring journey. Keep in mind that hitting the clock multiple times could alter the speed at which you are able to keep track of time. Let's get started.

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