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Subway Fucker part 1

21 June 18

The very first part of a 3D flash game about a rapist who lives in the metro that is old. He preys on single chicks who come back home after work in the evenings. One evening, the rapist caught another victim and stunned her. Then he carried the body to the shield. The damsel woke up. She is totally naked. Out of the darkness a male figure emerges with a bag on his head. This is a maniac rapist. He ties the damsel to the table and begins to fuck a thick dick in her wet mouth. And also spank a damsel in her big watermelons. The damsel groans in pain, but this only excites the rapist. He is a bettrator nicer and fucks a damsel in a cootchie without taking his dick out of her wet mouth. It's possible to interact with the game using the mouse and also interactive spots. Start playing and find out how this intercourse story ended.

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