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Subway Fucker part 1

21 June 18

This is the first part of an interactive 3D pornogame set in Tokyo. A young, full-bodied, and sexy lady works as a journalist at a local paper. She returns home to her house after work. She walks straight down to the subway. The girl hears a rustling sound behind her back, and darkness begins to set in. She wakes up to find a dark basement. The hearth is on fire. The lady looks at an enormous table that has strange contraptions. The lady is shocked to learn that she has fallen prey to the insane criminal she had written in the paper. It seems true. A large, muscular man appears from the basementwith a bag covering his head. The maniac has his sex doll, and the lady is the victim. The maniac is able to rape the lady at will. Do you want to know the rest of the story? Let's get started immediately.

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