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Subway Fucker

16 July 18

A suburb of Tokyo. Subway station. This place is dark and scary. A youthfull doll named Jessica is waiting for a train. Suddenly, someone stuns Jessica with a gargle to the head. Waking up, Jessica realizes that she is in some strange place. She sees a massive table with fuck-fest devices. Oh Gods. Where is her garments. Jessica is totally naked. Out of the darkness shows up siluet with a bag on his head. This is a rapist. He will fuck Jessica and make her a private orgy doll. Use your mouse to change the viewing angle and then interact with the game. Fuck Jessica do it quite rude and use different things. Jessica will stand against but will not run away. Now she is in your power and you will do whatever you want with her. So let's commence this interactive 3D story at the moment.

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