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Teenage Cushion Fighter

8 April 21

What may be nicer than remembering a pillow battle. Yes, the most game we played when we were children. Now we have become adults and this game has obtained a meaning. So let's look at the game screen. You see a beautiful bedroom. Two beautiful and buxomy gals are standing opposite each other. They are wearing underwear that is sexy. And the pillow combat starts. You have to click on the pillows with a mouse so that they fly in the direction of your rival. That way you would make currency. Initially, each of the gals has 100 hit points. When the pillow hits the gal's life points are reduced. Also at the bottom of the screen there are super pillows. They do a whole lot of damage. When you overpower a gal, she will undress and you will understand her big boobies and pink cooter. After that, another gal emerges and the battle starts again.

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