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The incredible bulk

6 May 21

Our hentai parody starlet Charlie goes right back and if you like amusing and promiscuous blondes then her next appearance will be definitely going to make you happy - that she will play a few of the chief roles in"The amazing Bulk" (that is obviosly a parody on"The amazing Hulk"... if if you're into sexy blondes over comics). The narrative embarks in lab where Charlie functions as a assictant into Dr Banger. Since they do a lot of different things there apart from science it was simply a matter of time when something goes horribly worng... Ofcourse the mishap has really occurred and after it Charlie might need to deal with the consequnces... such as the good-sized green clolored muscled giant whose desires for fucky-fucky has significantly increased according to his own fresh dimensions!

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