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Tripping The Rift: 6 Satisfaction

10 April 21

"Tripping The Rift" is quite an old toon series for adults yet if you happened to watch at least couple of vignettes then you should recall the character called Six - truly hot looking female character who can be very sex-positive when it is needed or when she wants to. Accoridng to the series she was having bang-out mostly with the Captian of the ship yet this anime porn parody game is going to set things right and now many other characters will get the chance to have some private funtime with Six! And which one of them will be fucking this cutie first-ever is now up to you - select any of available characters and enjoy the follwoing minigame. And ofcourse we recommend to try all the characters sooner or afterward in order to get the finish sexual experience with Six!

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