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Yoko 3some

28 June 18

In this computer game, you're going to be able to once more perform the red-haired red-haired Yoko with massive tits from the anime. This is often enormously the kind of lady who has such giant sizes and rounded shapes that the majority of the time she chooses most of the showcase! Since she's a part-time superhero, she has to observe the doc from time to time. However solely now the doc completely forgot concerning his duties once Yoko entered his closet - currently he could imagine that it's solely Yoko's chest and booty! Do not you suspect it? Then simply check the records it creates. Just like Youko did, and it drove her crazy! Therefore angry that doc did not have enough facilitate from his assistant - a range of rough fat dudes who are longing for a giant coup! Once 2 folks who against you, Youko has no choice however to serve such 2 dicks. Therefore now is the time to embark out the game.

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