Kisuke Urahara

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Lovely Yoruichi fucks Kisuke

29 November 22

If you are following the adventures told in anime and manga series"Bleach" then you know that Rukongai is the spriritual world where live the shinigami... and even if not then this is the place where the events of this hentai parody will happen and where super-cute looking Shihouin Youruichi will be having some exciting time using non other than Kisuke Urahara! Ofcourse if you are familiar with the lore of this fantasy world then you will observe a whole lot more details in this"conflict" and probably will enjoy this little story even more but once again this is not necessary because thanks to the fact that this game is brought to you by Pinoytoons you can be sure that you will get your portion of greatly drawn and greatly animated hentai anyways!

Yoruneko Style

29 November 22

The outfit that gorgeous Shihouin Yoruichifrom "Bleach" has picked for today's training session looks way too sexy so there is absolutely no wonder that her sparring partner Kisuke Urahara has done everything he could in order to trick into having much more funinstead of trianing. And since this is a hentai parody comics we barely need to tell you that he has succeded!

Inoue manga porn fuck

29 November 22

For some reasons being next to big waters makes Orihime - beautiful ginger-haired from anime series"Bleach" - horny enough to get rid off of all of her clotehs and jump on the nearest big and hard pecker which this time turned out to be non other than Kisuke Urahara! But how succesfull this instant act of physical love will end actually depends on you since it will be up to you to keep the ideal rhytm of the hook-up scene between these two characters and you will be doing it by playing a"Guitar Hero" alike minigame. If you will handle this not the most simple gameplay then you will witness the great jizz shot animated scene as reward but it won't be so easy - the way that Orihime opens her round culo might be too distractive no matter how many hentai parodies with her you have seen before!

Uber-cute Yoruichi

29 November 22

Pinoytoons is back and with them also back one of admirer favorites hentai parody stars - Yoruichi (hot babbe from"Bleach" with nice curves and purple hair in case if you didn't know). The game commences as interactive comics that soon becomes animated - because fuck-fest scene look better when animated! Not much of a gameplay - just click on next button in the right bottom corner of the screen and read text... and enjoy hentai scenes of course! If you are familiar with Bleach manga or anime universe you will be glad to see few cameo's - just a little humor for devotees! If not - don't worry because this game is more about characters fucking than going the story! And you better prepare - there will be a lot of fuck-fest scenes and a lot of orgasms in this hort yet very exciting adventure!

The Morning After (Bleach) [English] [EHCOVE]

1 December 22

The relations between Shihouin Yoruichiand Kisuke Urahara are going to be filled with romance and sex and actually bothof them will be reflected in this parody comics... with the larger focus on the seocnd content though! Roughness will be accompined with tenderness so the dynamic of these relations will be quite inetresting to watch not mentioning the great scenes of nudity ofcourse!

Yukemuri NyanNyan Jiken

1 December 22

Juicy and busty beauty from the TV series Bleach is ready to experience the needs of strange and wild sex. To begin with, the girl undresses and shows you her huge boobs with pink nipples. Then she starts to give her partner a throat blowjob licking his fat dick up and down. After that, the dude starts fucking the busty nipple in her chocolate eyes, tearing it in half. So it's time to start reading the comic right now.