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MrPinku: Let's Sell Pizza

29 November 22

Don't let the title of this game to idiot you - here you won't be selling any pizzas because you will be delivering them... but since you will be the one who will give away pizza and get some money instead it can be considered as selling pizza, right? Anyway questioning all the actions and trying to find out some hidden senses is something that will be quite valuable in this new game form MrPinku because it's genre can be described as virtual quest room where you will have to perfom certain actions in certain order... but we won't tell you anything else because this is something that you are supposed to figure out by yourself! Few humorous and ofocurse erotic elements are also included and don't forget to check our website for more games from MrPinku!

MrPinku: Let's Mix Stuff

29 November 22

Just like the title of the gamepromises here you will be mixing different stuff on a big virtual stageprovided to you by MrPinku! You can pick the main herione of the show who will be one hot looking girl by your choice, setup the backgroundwhich will bring one or another atmosphere andofcourse you can ecperiment with some additional characters some of which will be quite surprising ester eggs! And there is barely any sense in describing of what will happen next because once again it will all depend onthe unique combinations of many variables so you will probably get your own and unique story. Just don't forget to share with interesting discoveries that you will happen to make while exploring another one crazy game from MrPinku!

MrPinku: Dungeons And Morons

29 November 22

This is a funny adventure game where you'll have to fightagainst girls and various creatures to get some new items and progress the game. Just pick the right weapon combination for each girl and you're going to get lucky. As the first path opens fully, heal yourself regularly.

MrPinku Happiness is In The Field : Vignette 2

29 November 22

Second chapter of"Happiness is In The Field" - the humorous interactive series (with some erotic elements ofcourse) from MrPinku - is still here. So if you are ready to leavebehind the noise and stress of the big cities behind and spend few more peacefull moments in the country then you are welcomed to do that right here and now (or may be not now but after you will finish the first gig which you can find on our website). Explore colorful locations, meet different characters, perfom their quest or only resolve the situations that you will get yourself involved into and you will understand why this game with certain notes of old-school quest games in addition with inetresting artstyle and humor (with some erotic elements ofcourse) is getting more and more aficionados.

Let's Play Potions

29 November 22

One more mixing game from MrPinku - this time you are supposed to try yourself as a sorcerer and create some really awesome potiuons from different ingridients! But don't wait for the eyes of eagle or triton's pawes - here other potions will be simply included by the process of creating potion. Just choose one more, then another one and one potion and mix these three orginal elements in the big cauldron. And enjoy what effect they will give ofcourse because that's the point. The Book of recepies will also be available so you could check which combination you have tried and create the once you did not yet or you can simply create the ones with the most interesting effects to enjioy their magic one more time. If you loved this kind of gameplay then you should check our website for more hentai games with mixing up gameplay.

MrPinku Happiness is In The Field : Episode 1

29 November 22

In this fascinating game with tons of humor and fun music, you have got to take care of a scenario that happened on a farm. So, you get an odd letter from a woman named Rose. You move to the farm to seek out out additional info. Use your mouse to move with the game objects. talk over with the woman reception. she is going to tell you a lot fascinating things. Then move to explore the farm. On the bridge you see an area trained worker - talk over with him to urge the hunt. therefore you'll ought to solve riddles and do quests to seek out out the solution to the most question within the game. together with your facilitate, the most character are ready to make love.

MrPinku Noose Apartment Break away

29 November 22

Another one minigame with quest gameplay mechanics from MrPinku only this time it is made in the form of a quest room. But despite this fact the game still has a background story, humor and ofcourse the very special artstyle which you might have already seen and loved in various other projects. So the idea is next - the major character will have to sneak into the building and to find some special item without being spotted. Telling you how exactly you can do that is kinda useless - after all you have to figure this out by yourself. But what we do can tell is that there will be a special guest star from the world of drawn erotic take part in this fun and sexy interactive perfomance as well! And don't forget to Look for other games from Mr Pinku on our website after that!

MrPinku Halloween Off the hook

29 November 22

This one won't be so long or tricky game as usual but non the less meet new project from MrPinku which was made peculiarly for Halloween season! From it you will hear five different stories which are obviously going to be connected with horrors and ghosts in one or another way. But before you will begin to worry you should know that some humorous and erotic elements are going to be present as well. And if you are still not sure do you want to play it or not then lets just say thet there will be"Resident Evil" videogame seires connection through one of it's most sexy and in demand hotteis - Jill Valentine! As for the gameplay part then thsi time it will be a card themed minigame which you will have to figure out how to play on your own. Great luck!

The Mr Pinku Game : LPV

29 November 22

If you are familiar with some of the prior games from MrPinku then scarcely you will be too shocked by what is about to happen in this virtual adventure. By the way the letters LPV in the title stands for"Let's play vikings" and this is exactly what three main characters of this story are planning to do yet in order to make this desire to come true they had no better idea than to vandalize some public place and now they will have to ecape form the punishment. Well, actually it will be up to you to help them to escape from the punishment - this is a game after all and somehow you should be involved no matter are you liking it or not. But don't worry - if you are here for crude humor and kinky content then you will get some... in case of success... probably...

MrPinku: SpaceMorons Teas

30 November 22

New game from Mr Pinku is here which mens it is time for humor and sexy content... and very special art style ofcourse. This game titled as"Space Morons" is made in genre which you can describe as puzzle-like and takes place in three different worlds. Pick one of them that you like the most and do whatever you have to do. In one world youw ill have to perfom a blind choice from three options that will define the fate of main character of the story. In the oteh ryou will need to solve the quest room and find a way out form the dungeon in which there is a beautiful princess is locked up as well. The third is going to be some sort of combinations of preceding ones so it will be more interesting for you to find out everything by yourself. Some scenes will have multiple endings.

MrPinku Noose Guest room Break away

30 November 22

This time MrPinku will make an attempt of bringing his unique artstyle and gameplay into such genre as virtual escape room. You will be playing as a guy who wants to be an indian and first fo all he is trying to master the skill of silent moving. Luckily enough he got an opportunity to put the results of his multiple trainings into some real use when some hot damsel forgot to take certain thing from the room which is now occupied by the person with whom she doesn't want to meet face to face. Obviously your taks will be to sneak into the room and gather whatever she required without being spotted by the individual who is in that room (by the way this mysterious person is in fact even hotter chick which probably is the most important reason of their senseless rivalry in the first place).