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Cannibal roulette

29 November 22

Todayyou are welcomed to be the main guest at the very unusual show - there will be six hotties perfoming for you tonight and even though everything around is themed as cannibal party only one of these chicks will be the actual cannibaland obviosuly you should avoid meeting her one on one. The problem is that they all have the similar costumes and outfits so only your luck can prevent you from facing the terrible fate. Yep, something like russian roulette (and probably this is where this game has got it's title from as well) - you just making a choice and hoping that it was a proper one or you game will be over in quite unusual way even for hentai oriented games! Luckily enough you won't be actually loosing anything since this is just a game.

4 Better or For Worse

29 November 22

Amy Leela and Philip ended up on a desert island. But it turned out they were wrong. The island is inhabited by a tribe of warlike savages Amazons. These women are ready to defend their territory from any outsiders and our friends will have to figure out a way to leave the islandand stay alive. Although of course Amy and Leela can use their feminine charms and Phillip has a huge juicy cock to satisfy women's needs. So watch the comic for more information.

Tomb Raider Punishment

29 November 22

It is time to punish Lara Croft for raiding so many tombs - and this game is dedicated to this entirely! You will see Lara being captured and nude which means you can do whatever you want with her. Use a presented devices icons - arm, whip or penis - to do the righteous job! Click on icon to activate it and then aim it on distinct areas of Lara's gorgeous bod. Then press and hold mouse button to execute a sexual action - grab her baps, grope them, squeeze them or whip them. Play not only with her baps but with her arms, legs, belly and of course her fuckholes - mouth, cunny and butthole! Just don't forget to change devices from time to time. But everything you will do is simply a prepartions for the real punishment - just fill up the meter above to see what wil happen!

Amazon Punishment

29 November 22

In this 3D flash game you may find out about the Amazon tribes. In past, once the Amazon tribes were aggressive, there was unrest. One tribe of Amazons attacked a hostile village and conjointly captured their Queen. Currently she is going to be penalised. Therefore during this two-way flash game, you may got to rape, penalise and mock the big-breasted Amazon. Explore the game screen. You see an Amazon with massive Tits. She's in chains up. Use the things on the screen to rape the Amazon. Additionally, if you click on the fuck-hole icon, you may see the Queen of the tribe caressing her Tits and snatch. She gets satisfaction from what she sees. Needless to say, there's a high probability that the Queen can participate within the penalty and enter into a sapphic romp with the Amazon. Decide the remainder of the story concerning yourself. Let's begin the game.

Legend of Krystal Kari

30 November 22

In this adventure game from Krystal series' Legend the reputation of your character must increase by fucking with everything you can to progress the game. Use Arrow keys to move. For everything else use Mouse to activate actions.