Grand Theft Auto GTA

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Grand Pulverize Buttfuck

2 July 18

You might consider joining a local gang of auto thieves. Although you have joined the gang in order to make some easy cash, it isn't that simple. First, take a look at the game screen. There are many interactive locations. Click on the map to see a map that shows many places in town. You first go to the garage. Betty, a beautiful woman, is your conversation partner. You meet gangsters from another group. You can use your gun or mouse to kill them. Next, attend the club to get a cash transportation assignment. Use your mouse to avoid glancing into other cars and to deliver the package to its destination. The woman is currently available to you. You can choose to become her friend and she will return to your place. You can then fuck her in pink cunts and spherical sex. Then you go to bed. A replacement day is coming, new adventures and danger. Start the life of a bully right away.