Mrs Hughes

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The Metal Enormous

8 April 21

This parody minigame is intended for adults only and will continue the story of the familiar characters from "The Iron Giant". Although the boy is now a grown-up, he is still about to be an adult. Who do you think will help him? There were plenty of hot girls in the cartoon, and you will enjoy seeing what happens next. This erotic minigame is still available for those who aren't familiar with the cartoon, but it's not as fun. After you're done here, don't forget our website to see more animated and interactive hentai parodies!

Metal Giant - Purr

17 May 18

"Whisper" is a manga porn parody game that will finally give you the opportunity to spend some private time together with one of the best ginger-haired milfs which can be located one of cartoon characters - match Anne Hughes out of"Iron Giant"! What you will do is something which you better to determine on your own what else is definitely worth mentioning is that in case you may think a decent code phrase you can switch such things in this game as the character of attire, environment of this spectacle as well as switch the doll you will be almost fucking with! Here are just a few instances of code words that you can attempt - thunderwhip, biocock, airbender, motel, dual de sleeves. However, feel free-for-all to attempt some choices of your own because there are definitely some commands which aren't cited here!