Bj Country 3

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BJ Country 3

5 May 18

From the fairyland a town is in which pornography starlets live, strippers and just beautiful dolls. This is paradise on earth. You are a youthfull photographer who takes photos of gals. You've got a particular mission now. You need to locate pictures of gals. You will receive a prize. Proceed to the palace and you will see a huge-chested dark haired. Her photograph was stolen by someone and she requests you to see them. You have to collect items which can help youaccomplish this assignment. If you find the missing photos and give them to the doll she will dance to you an exclusive striptease. After that, go to another palace where there resides a blonde. And you have to locate her missing photographs... The more pictures you may discover and comeback to the owners, the more perverted striptease you'll be able to see. Therefore, if you are prepared to proceed do it.