Elven Fantasy

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The Sixth Realm

17 April 23

The legend says there are six realmsexist and even though it may not be obvious they are all connected. The legend also says about huge changes coming - changes that may affect way too many things and put all the realms in danger. Ofcourse you will be playing as the guy who is supposed to prevent this from happening yet there is one problem - you absolutely have no idea how it works and what you must do. Luckily enough the old wizard will guide you and provide you with all the important knowledges... if only you will stop getting distracted on all the hot elven chicks and female warriors that this oldman has somehow gathered around him.

Beloved Mad Scientist Elana

19 March 23

Elana and her lustful buddies will do anything to achieve their crazy goal with the help of the craziest ideas. They are going to have a gangbang to experience an orgasm that no girl in the world will experience! And they will prosper, because they have everything they need for this - viciousness and lust!

Elven Ellona R1

27 January 23

Busty elven chick is nude and tied up to the bed waiting for you to come and take a proper care of her big tits, of her wet pussy, of her hungry mouth... And even though it is just one scene this game actually has quite a lot for you to explore: from story mode that you can activate at the start to lots of and lots of customization options and various activities for you to choose from! Take pleasure in!

Lust Bringer

10 December 22

In this fantasy world all guys are big and hot looking while all the ladies are busty and fuckable... well, at least most of them! But in order to know for sure you will have to spend some time in here because besides visual novel and hentai content this game also has a lot of role-playing elements so try to plan your game days in the way that will allow you to fuck more characters! Good luck!

Elf Slave

4 August 22

Main heroine of this game is one sweet looking elven chick who is clearly not a warrior but she would be a perfect lover! At least this is what the situatoion has turned into during her attempt to defeat a big and strong orc in his own hideout - ofcourse she was immediately captured and now she will become the main prize in a stripping themed minigame! Be fast and she will be naked!

Chosen of Xixrelk v.5

14 January 22

"Chosen of Xixrelk" is a fantasy themed story for adult audience only about the reltaions between the master and his elven slavegirl... and the most exciting part of this situation is that you will be playing as the slavegirl this time! The master is willing to retrieve ten quite important objects that are scattered all over the world andofcourse in order to do that he... sends you out to do all the job! And by the job we mean not only travelling around, visiting various locations, meeting characters and performing quests (which is actually quite usual things for any other fantasy game) but we also mean that you will have to seduce and fuck quite a lot because this game is being posted on hentai themed websites only for a pretty good reason!

Sin'dorei Inquisition

10 July 21

After a few preparations (which in terms of games means the use of customization settings at your own taste) you will get the private audience with non other than the Queen of Inquisition herself! She is used to be dominant in any situation and no matter how big your cock is (and how big your boobs arein case if you will pick yourself to be a futanari character) it won't change tonight - she will be riding you as if you are the biggest sinner in the entire kingdom!

Elana, Champion of lust. Beta 1.1 of Chapter 2

18 May 21

"Elana - Champion of lust" is hentai game taking place in fanatsy settings and combines the most interesting ideas from many unique genres. Add to this unique art style and you will understand that this game is worth at least to try! You will begin your adventure in the world which is controlled by few unique houses. Ofcourse they are all struggling for getting more and more power over these lands. Ofcourse such fight always involves the most skillfull champions from all sides and as you probably have already guessed Elana will be the one of them. Yet as you will understand pretty soon she might have her own interests and her own ways of achieving goals which for you will turn into an adventures filled with choices and fuck-fest!

Adventures of Alessandra

4 May 21

In this interactive 3D gameyou will learn about the adventures of an elf warrior named Alessandra. A portal has opened and Alessandra has fallen into a magical forest. She uses magic to speak telepathically to the Temple's Head Priestess, and her image gives Alessandra some clues. It turns out that this is the forest of werewolves. And Alessandra must find a way out of the forest. You have to help her in this mission. So bend over and carefully follow the path. Hide in the bushes if you see werewolves. But they have tracked down Alessandra and attacked. Kill your enemies or you will be in for a bad end. Werewolves can catch Alessandra and rape her. And then take her to the tribe, where the girl will be a sexy puppet at a dinner in honor of the God of Blood and War. Let's go on a quest for adventure right now.

Elven Conquest 0.1.8

20 June 19

This thing has been in the works because something similar to March 2018, and it's still very much a work in progress. Use text to bypass. Esc to get menu. Saves are all automatic. Get the OFFLINE edition of this game, newest build, news, pictures and also help keep the project alive by encouraging PinkTea on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/pinktea Or SubscribeStar: https://www.subscribestar.com/pinktea

Queen's Commando

18 June 19

This is a story about fantasy kingdom which is led by beautiful elven Queen Isaria and who has to deal with a lot of enemies trying to ruin her rule from multiple directions. In order to shield her kingdom Queen Isaria cretaes a special task force which is named the Queen's commando and which in it's turn will be led by one of her most trusty persons - you! So do everything to protect your queen's interests and offer your kingdom with prosperity and the proper reward will become yours! What kind of reward? The one that Queen Isaria will give you personally ofcourse because even however there will be a great deal of gameplay elements from startegy, quest and visual novel genres there will be some nice hentai scenes included as well! To arms!

The Legend of Zelda [Iceman Blue]

30 April 19

This parody does exactly what every parody should: it takes characters and situations and turns them upside-down! You won't see Link here as a brave elven hero, since almost every adventure ends in him getting fucked! Even his attempt to save Princess Zelda went completely sour!

Elven Fantasy

10 July 18

This time"Lesson of Passion" will take you into fantasy world. Main hero of teh story is one sexy elven chick who has a very impotant mission. In attempts to finish her quest she will have to get through ancient forest filled with magic and creatures. And if you however that you can finish the game in a couple of clicks then think again! Besides hot elevn hoes there will be a good deal of dangerous creatures as well. And you will even have to fight them in a turn-based mode. Ofcourse there will soon moments when you will need to choose what our heroine will do next and it will also affect the story and the creatures you will meet - will they want to fuck her or fight her? You will never know untill you make your step forward... So in case you expect from erotic games not sex and nudity but also some challenges and adventures then you should try this game rigth now!

Die 4 Glory

25 May 18

This game is associate epic journey set in a very wizardly world of dwarves, elves, brave warriors, and corrupting witches. And however you may begin it as Drake, a quiet normal lowly boy who desires one issue quite the rest within the world, which is to not be a daily country swell. therefore he is able to gather everything he is got and begin a giant venture which will amendment his life forever. And, of course, he plans to figure laborious on his thanks to that amendment... the game itself isformed as a mixture of various genres- here you'll see parts of quests, role-playing games, visual novels and plenty of mini-games. higher cognitive process can in addition have an effect on Drake's story. therefore if you have perpetually wished to play a difficult manga-style pornography game in a very fantasy setting, you'll sleep with right here and now!

Qora s Court – Elf Sex

4 May 18

This game is about a courageous hero performing an improtant quest in some magical kingdom. But the game is not about this significant quest and saving the kingdom - it is about what can happen to hero while he is on his way to his glory. And on his way he will hot elf tramp Qora. And she really loves to play games because they turn her on... This time she wants to play a game called"What's in my pocket?". If you ready to play it with he rthen you should know that only one of three answer options will let you to progress the game while the other two will end up in game over screen. So don't rush and choose your phrases wisely in case if you want this elven sweetheart to reward you. And today she will reward you with a deepthroat oral romp... but youw ill have to win her before that!