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Charlie in tool time

23 June 18

Is there any TV shows about gardening devices you know? Well, it actually doesn't matter becaus ethis how is going to replace them all and get on top of your favorites list! Why? Becasue this one has not only gardening devices in it but also humor, jokey hosts and ofcurse the main star o fthe showcase - sexy Charlie who love sto fuck on any ocacsion! If you have played other games starring Charlie then you very likely already know what to do so stop wasting your time and play it right now! If you didn't (and you truly should - only check our website for them) then in this game you will not simply enjoy jokey scenes and stories but also make some choices in certain points that will specify where the main course of this demonstrate will go next... and most of this choice will end up with Charlie being fucked one way or another.