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Cards of Zeal with Mary T. Mitten

5 July 18

As you would expect, this is an unintentional strip poker game that has one important aspect that sets it apart above the rest of similar games - this game will feature a masked lady as your opponent! In the midst of the mask and leather clothing there's a gorgeous lady known as Mary is hiding, but should you want to meet her, you must win a several rounds of this traditional virtual poker game before you can get her! In the event of a tie, there will be 30 rounds total however before you be a mess and leave, you must know that there are no penalty for losing and you don't need to restart the game every time. Just keep playing until you can be able to see everything your attractive opponent can show off in this series of beautifully created cg art!

Protection Fellow

1 June 18

Because it is quite demonstrable from the title of this game it won't be about any famed superhero but stil the principal character is not sleeping at night and wandering all around the night city in search for titillating adventures... even if they might bring him a lot of torubles because not all ladies like being watched when being naked! And this is not mentioning the policemen and their trained dogs patroling the streets and ready to deal with any pervert when they will see him. From this introduction you should already understand your man task - to get closer to greatest chicks in town whilst trying to avoid being caught by the police. Yeah, tonight is the night you will develop into the Condom Man! If you are not fearful of challenging arcade gameplay ofcourse...

Subway Story

22 March 18

This game took place in a subway truck that was total of people. A youthful fellow goes to work and thinks about birds. A youthful damsel enters the subway. She has immense watermelons. The damsel clings to the boy very close. Her enormous watermelons press the boy's chest and he doesn't like it very much. He makes a remark to the damsel. But he still feels good about it. He rolls the damsel's donk and starts massaging her. And then he unzips the damsel's vest and starts munching her pink puffies. Then the dude takes the damsel's undies off and massages her humid muff. And that's just the beginning of the story. You wanna know what happened next? Then you want to pick the perfect dialogue options to do it. Let's not just waste time, but embark playing at this time.