Highschool Of Dead Bangers

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Highschool of the Dead Bangers

20 May 21

Saeko Busujima is the chick of many talents yet this time it really is her perfect bodycurves that has attracted the interest of the zombie horde and which now are chasing this sexy schoolgril in ripped uniform! Yet ripped is not ripped off yet and this is precisely what you will need to do because as you have most likely already guessed in this game you will be playing on the zombies side! So display some skills of precision and reaction and rip off what clothing has left from Saeko Busujima's gorgeous body however at exactly the identical time beware of the chainsaw which will chop off your dirty mitt in no time if you won't be careful enough. Obviously you still have few attempts and if you will manage to unclothe down Saeko Busujima then you will get a series of interactive ganbang scenes with har as reward.