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Alena 2: Police Story

14 April 21

Hot dame - police officer rails at the nighttime city. She's on traces and patrol offenders. Radio reports of suspicious noise in the old mansion. A authorities dame goes there. To open the doorway into the mansion you must resolve the riddle. Find two equal items and it is possible to start the lock. Make your way inwards the dark building. You hear unusual noises which come from out of this basement. The dame goes and suddenly everything submerges to the shadow. She awakens and sees a different dame. It's tied by a wire into the slat. Both the victim and the police officer are downright naked. Who's abducted these girls violating the law?

Girls on Glass

3 May 21

The very name of this game -"Ladies on Glass" - unsheathes that the major motif which will connect all of the wonderful hentai artworks you will be receiving as prize for progressing thru the game and it will be about big-titted anime girls being pushed from a few glass or otehr translucent surfaces while getting fucked that is definitely going to make their alreday flavorful appearing curves much fatter and much more alluring! However, as we mentioned you will find those pictures just after you may accomplish the plenty of of game rounds which this time will probably be quite classical memory games using a few specific winning requiremnets for every fresh around (so pay attention to the notes from the bginning of every fresh degree) - locate matching cards before you'll replicate the playing area and love the girls!


30 April 19

Although we don't know the story or dialogs of these comics, they are all written in japanese. However, we can tell you that this manga is full of anime girls getting hard fucked and furry-themed creatures. Do you require any logic to explain this?!

Hentai in Puzzles 4

20 June 21

The fourth installment of the series. It's still worth reading the title to get an idea of the game's purpose. These puzzles are likely to be an exchange type. To exchange the pieces of the puzzle until the image is reconditioned, you will need to click on two completely different objects. just in case that sounds too tempting for you, you ought to conjointly apprehend that these puzzles square measure animated, and we're not simply talking concerning the ultimate footage, however every puzzle piece, which is able to greatly increase the issue even a lot of additionally to the same old six difficulty levels you're going to unlock as you play.|"Hentai in Puzzles" The title speaks for itself about everything you need to know about this game... plus the fact that this is already fourth game in this series says that you guys are really liking it! The idea is prtety much the same - your task is to assemble the hentai themed picture only this timethe picture will be aniamted which clearly adds few points for both challenge and fun! The first few puzzles may seem to be quite easy yet as you will progress further and further the difficulty will be growing as well so obviously you hav to be the real fan of puzzle solving to complete all the levels of this game... or the true fan of animated hentai scenes at least! And ofocurse more hentai puzzles you can always enjoy on our site.|The fourth HTML5 game during this series, you must still get a fairly clear plan of what precisely this game is regarding, already when learning the title here can be collection puzzles to like horny hentai content! All of those puzzles will in all probability have a swap look, thus you'll have to click 2 puzzle items to swap them around before the primary image gets fixed. will accelerate the game many of the high-quality six difficulty levels you'll be able to unlock when you advance through the game.|This might be too much for you. But, the puzzles are able to be revived. This is not talking about the previous images. Each puzzle piece is able to significantly accelerate your game with the six quality issues levels that you can gain access to as you advance.} Let's begin the game right away.|This game offers a variety of problems to satisfy the hot hentai content. All of these puzzles will most likely be interchangeable, so before the main image is fixed, you will need to click on two puzzle piecesand exchange them. If that sounds too frustrating for you, keep in mind that these puzzles actually come to life--we're not just talking about the latest images--and that each puzzle piece has the power to significantly speed up the battle and even increase the level of difficulty that you've just unlocked as you advance in the game. Let's get the game going straight now.}

Octo Puzz

7 July 21

"Octo Puzz" a logic puzzle game where you have to move around a lot of pieces that are octagon-shaped in order to restore the original picture. It will be quite different than traditional puzzles in that you only have one spot where to place the puzzle pieces, making the process more difficult. Some puzzles will have video scenes and not static photos. You will also be restoring scenes and pictrues while playing. They will all be erotic-themed and include lesbian images. This means you will get twice as many ladies as rounds. There will be 11 roundstotal, if you're interested.

Chaotic 512x2

15 July 21

Introduce a symbol numbers game that will be more fun thanany other. You'll join a team full of attractive, blond beauties who will entertain you with their striptease while you play the game. The basic idea is that plates can be moved indiscriminately on the field. Select the plates with similar numbers to each other to attach them. The higher the numbers, the higher your level and the less garments this awing dancer has left. You can see her naked once you've reached level 512. However, you can also watch her play with her favorite toy. Let's find out now.

Puzzy Balls

15 August 21

"Puzzy balls" is a variation on the game of puzzles. This allows you to not only cheer up your mind, but enjoy lots of erotic content and a bunch of very attractive real-life models. To complete the videoclip or background image, you will need to capture the moving screen balls and place them in special sockets. Videoclips will present a more difficult challenge because it will not be easy to find the right place to put the piece. However, if you pay enough attention to details you will eventually figure it out. Don't forget about enjoying the assembly process before moving on to the next level.

Sandwich 3

26 August 21

"Sandwich 3", a classic logic puzzle game, is based on the number of plates. Your task is to watch for plates with the same numbers and click when they are near one another to merge them. There are two layers and you must combine plates from both the lower and upper levels. This isn't the only reason this game has been called "Sandwich". The other reason is the kind of rewards you'll be receiving as you reach the higher and higher levels. Instead of watching another striptease perform, you'll be watching Veronica Leal and two other big guys show you how to create a sandwich!

9 Cells Strip

11 September 21

Complete the minigame by placing 8 phoned number plates (plus one cost-free) in proper order and our gorgeous strippier will certainly reveal you... well, she will certainly reveal you why we call her a gorgeous pole dancer! The objective of each round is to establish the asked for three-digits code in the the main row and if you know how this kind of reasoning puzzles function after that you will certainly manage it in a snap! Good good luck!

9 Cells of Pussy

27 September 21

"9 Cells of Pussy", a sliding puzzle minigame that is easy to master, but fun nonetheless, can reward you with lots of sexy content. You must place nine pieces of the puzzle in the correct positions to form a videopicture. Once you have done that, you can enjoy the videoclip. The next level is possible following this. You will have an extra challenge, but it will also provide more fun. This game is sure to be a hit with hot erotic models who put their bodycurves in exciting action.

Silver Dollar Pussy 2

14 November 21

This is the latest version of the classic coin game. Your logic counts as much as your capacity to predict the best moves. Does that sound complicated? It sounds complex? You can use the highest value coins to do this. Once you have done this, both coins will be added into your bank and the winner is one with the higher score at the end. We forgot to mention the rewards! Each win earns you more segments of a hot striptease from a sexy model. Be careful, because you'll be sent one step back for every time you lose!

Smutty Scrolls FF

16 November 21

Dream themed adventure reeled in colorful pixel-art design and filled with lots and great deals of quite complicated puzzles and with busty witches and princesses that will certainly reward just those that will certainly be smart enough to get over all the obstacles - this is what "Smutty Scrolls" collection has to do with! Are you ready to examine on your own? Waste no even more time and... well, might be invest a little bit of time to check the tutorials.

Tits Under Flush (Duo)

25 November 21

You'll play poker with a hot-looking chick, who will become more and more naked every time you win. This is exactly the purpose of "Tits under Flush (Duo)." The "duo" addition means you will not only be playing against the playing grid, but also with a virtual opponent. You will see a lot of tiles that look like playing cards. Of course, you can combine the ones next to you. Your hand will include the card-tiles you have covered. You must then collect the best poker combination with your opponent to win the game... or remove the model. This game also includes cosplay, so if you're into that type of thingyou can give this game a try! You're welcome!


26 November 21

"Chaotic512" is a logic puzzle minigame, will test your ability to combine plates with the identical amount of numbers. But, you'll need to be able to complete the task in the most efficient way. As you'll see (and likely soon enough), it's possible to lose the game if you're not too careful or quick enough. There should always be a reward for completing a challenge. In this instance, it will be a hot blonde model who will happily strip for you. But only so long as you keep playing! You can only reach 512, but if you want to play more, you can find similar games on our site.

Tits under Cards

1 January 22

"Tits under Cards" is a logic-based game that includes cards and striptease. This interesting mixture of genres sounds fun, doesn't it? You are invited to play this game, where you will have to take off the sexy blonde model. First, you'll need to solve a few puzzle rounds before she gets less dressed up and more horny. To solve this puzzle, you must move tiles marked as playing field to cover tiles with lower values. You will earn points for each tile you cover. Once you reach 500 points, you're the winner. It will take logic and forward counting, as it is not possible to win it by just a lucky guess.

Poker Train

8 January 22

Do you enjoy solving puzzles and logic games? Do you enjoy watching hot blonde dancers get down? You are familiar with the rules of pokerand don't mind trains being involved. This game isperfect for you. Unstoppable trains will continue moving forward, but your job is to change turns and form the route that will allow the train to collect the strongest poker combination. The round ends when the train is armed with five cards. You will receive some prize money, whose amount will depend on how you store the combination. You can use the money later to pay the stripper or to see more of her... perfrormance!


10 January 22

"Chess4X4X2", a logic puzzle minigame, is about moving the chess pieces around the board to earn higher scores than your opponents. You can find more information in the 'help' section. But let's not go into detail. Although you might feel gratified by winning, logic games are great for keeping your brain healthy. The main reward is the performance of a hot blonde modelwho will start her striptease routine dressed as a naughty maid. You will see her less clothing the more rounds you win so keep your eyes on the game.


17 January 22

The video game of strip casino poker is an illogical video game based upon cards where winning will certainly allow you appreciate an enjoyable and sexually sexy erotic dance program. You can play in teams or as a pair. All you require is a deck of cards and some clothes to remove off. The video game functions by dealing cards to each gamer. The gamers after that take rely on discard and attract cards in order to obtain the best feasible casino poker hand. The gamer with the best hand wins and the loser(s) have to remove a write-up of apparel. Depending on the risks, the winner can take their choice from the loser(s) apparel. The video game proceeds until the last write-up of apparel is taken. The winner after that reaches appreciate an enjoyable and sexually sexy erotic dance program as their reward.


5 February 22

"Sandwich128" Another logic minigame, is about merging plates with the identical amount of numbers. However, there is an important change in the rules: you'll be merging plates placed on top of each other! This is only part of the reason for the game's name. The other explanation will be shown in the video. New sections wich depending on your score highest will be unlocked.

Mosaic Pussies

8 February 22

"Mosaic Pussies", an erotic videopuzzle, has rules that areslightly different to the traditional Jigsaw puzzles. This videopuzzle will replace static images with a short, but very exciting videoclip. The clip will be divided in many pieces that will move in a certain pattern. Your task is not to place any pieces correctly, but to find the pieces that aren't moving at all. Once you have done this, the level will be completed! You should not rush to get to the next level. Instead, take your time to watch the videoclip and enjoy it without any worries.


14 February 22

This game will not only let you see hot girls in naked poses, but will also challenge you to guess which of the ten models are currently dancing. You won't be able to see her face, so any minor details you notice could end up being crucial in your correct guess. Only the most skilled watcher can correctly guess 10 out of 10. We know that you are still a winner regardless of your choice.


25 February 22

"Vaggy" is the title for the game. It's clear from its title that it's a logic game, but it will remain primarily focused on your vaginas. To enjoy the close-up view of our sweet pink pussy, you'll need to solve the logic puzzle. This means that you must not only remove all cells from the display, but make sure you have one hundred points at every round. This is because the number on each cell will appear and disappear randomly. You will need to remove one cell with a higher number, then cover another with a lower number. After that these numbers are added to your scoreand taken off the screen.

Big Balls

28 February 22

3 balls - one red and 2 silvers - are jumping on the gamescreen and your job is to make the red ball to reach the objective location by clicking the display and creating waves that will certainly relocate the silver balls from it's way. Sounds easy? Yep, just these balls are so big that they take virtually all the display alltogether! Well, fantastic erotic dance program from our blonde model most definitely worth the shot!

Come Deeper

2 March 22

This card game's basic idea is that you use cards from your own hand to cover more cards on the common playing field than your virtual opponent. It sounds easy, but it requires strategy and luck to be successful. And you'll want to win it because the reward for every successful round will be more of our amazing striptease shows from our beautiful blonde model. You should make sure your cards are of the same suit, but with a higher worth. If you do not have the cards, the deck will be covered.