Natsume Fuck Tentacles

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Natsume fuck tentacles

7 April 21

Redhead slut Natsume is ready to conquer the next goal in her "going hentai" list - here and now she is going to take big fat tricky tentacles in each and every of her fuckholes! And if in the process these tentacles will get hold of, squeeze or even choke her a little bit... well, she doesn't mind! By the way you can make Natsume to look more intellectual by using glasses toggle option.

Natsume 2 [Edit]

12 April 18

Once again Natsume got into magical trap and once again she is going to get fucked in all holes by multiple tentacles. Well, not all teh adventurers can find treasure in gold - some will find it in rough intercourse. Natsume is blonde elven chick with nice (and pierced!) Tits and clean shaved pussy. Nevertheless, it is not her you are going to control - you are going to control the tentacles! Choose one of available actions and enjoy the animated hentai scene while Natsume's pleasure meter will be growing. Once it get on certain level you will get access to another set of actions - this time it is going to be all kinds of penetrations. Vaginal, ass-fuck or oral intercourse - Natsume is fantastic for everything! And just liek any good adventurer she will get her reward in the end... in a sort of lots and plenty of gloppy jizm!

Natsume 2 – Bang-out Tentacles

22 March 18

Beautiful and shapely lady Natsume loves completely different varieties of sex. She additionally likes to explore everything new and unnatural. Her looking for data has led Natsume to an old mansion. Once there was a hearth, and currently it's empty. however Natsume desires to examine what is within the basement. As she descends the steps, she touches the sticky walls together with her hands. Strange. wherever did the sludge come backfrom!? Suddenly one thing strikes Natsume within the head. Waking up, the lady sees that she is totally naked. A monster with tentacles has grabbed Natsume. It positively desires to fuck the lady. Natsume is prepared to own sex with the monster as a result of it's totally fascinating and arousing. therefore use the weather of the game to urge Natsume going. Watch the pleasure indicator in order that it does not go down. Screw Natsume at once.