Natsume Fuck Tentacles

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Natsume 2 – Bang-out Tentacles

22 March 18

The beautiful and big-chested lady Natsume is extremely fond of various types of romp. And she also loves to explore everything new and unnatural. A craving for prowess led Natsume to an old mansion. Once upon a time there was a fire and now it is empty. But Natsume rasheat see what is inside the basement. Going down the stairs, she touches the gooey walls along with her forearms. Strange.. Where does the mucus come from!? Suddenly, something hits on Natsume in the head. Waking up, the woman sees that she is downright naked. A monster with tentacles grabbed Natsume. Definitely he wants to fuck a woman. Natsume is ready to have romp with the monster because it is quite interesting and titillating. Use the game elements to force Natsume. Keep an eye on the fun indicator to stop it from falling down. Fuck Natsume at the moment.

Natsume 2 [Edit]

12 April 18

Once again Natsume got into magical trap and once again she is going to get fucked in all slots by multiple tentacles. Well, not all teh adventurers could find treasure in gold - some will find it in rough intercourse. Natsume is blonde elven chick with nice (and pierced!) Tits and clean bald honeypot. Nevertheless, it is not her you are going to control - you are going to control the tentacles! Choose one of available actions and enjoy the animated anime porn scene while Natsume's pleasure meter will be getting taller. Once it get on certain level you will get access to another set of actions - this time it is going to be all types of penetrations. Vaginal, assfucking or oral intercourse - Natsume is great for everything! And just liek any fantastic adventurer she will get her reward in the end... in a sort of lots and plenty of gloppy jism!

Natsume fuck tentacles

7 April 21

Beautiful and buxomy female Natsume was captured by a terrible monster with purple tentacles. And now the monster will fuck Natsume in her pink fuckholes. Definitely the lady did not expect such a turn of events. But she can not stand against, because the monster is a lot stronger. So for starters, the monster rips her clothes and Natsume apart. Hmmm... the lady has a good figure and big jugs. Definitely Natsume stuff that is hot. At the bottom of the screen you will understand the"Next" button. Press nane and you will notice how the tentacles penetrate the lady's honeypot. Natsume screams in agony when thick tentacles tear her puss and bum in half. It is quite painful, but the monster resumes to fuck Natsume in her pink and humid fuck holes. And then a ton of sperm goes into Natsume's puss... She becomes knocked up.. Start playing now.