The Mating Game

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Mating with Emma

26 March 18

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The Mating Game

19 May 21

"The Mating Game" will be that the TV display taht has been fairly in demand a while ago... yet it will get in demand once more when they'll call our beloved blond Charlie as among guests! Sadly enough this is possible only in the format of erotic videogame so don't miss this wonderfull chance to witness probably the best gig of this flash now and! The concept is ordinary - you observe the display, love funny and nicely drawned and animated scenes... and also make decisions which will immediately affect on what's going to happen next! However, the key here is these options will be blind so that you need to appreciate surprises if you're planning to love the game fully. However, if you don't then you have nothing to worry about - most fo these chocies will end up with hookup scene anyway!