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Dream Beer

4 July 18

This story took place. At one's tavern city Dickins rest beautiful and yummy gals. One of these is a forest elf that is hot. She arrived back out of a deer hunting and determined to ease off a bit. The other gal's a Sukubbus. She searches individuals and kills them from consuming energy from dead bodies. Another gal is a neighborhood mage. So, your mission in this flash game is to give the damsels some beer. In order to interact with all the game the mouse is used by items. Beer in the damsels to get them tipsy. However, be utterly cautious. In the event the damsels drink too much beer, then the outcomes will be unpredictable. And you have to give the damsels a few drinks to have hookup with them. With a single gal or at least the same time. It is Your Choice. The significant thing is not to give them alcohol to keep the damsels awake. Let us commence the joy.

Bartender Dating Game

24 October 20

Were you dreamed to understand exactly what it feels like to work as a bartender however you do not want to danger of crashing and smashing some expensive alcohol bottles? Well, there's still an alternative for you because finally can do do that in this regular life simulation game! Here you'll be enjoying because the normal boy who's working in the bar and besides that's plenty of different duties and actions. You'll be visting distinct loctaions in town, participate in several activites, invest your attribute points in order to attain ceratin consequences and so forth. The best aim is still the same however - you have to earn the bar the location where the greatest girls will come so that you might find the opportunity to get their smartphone numbers... for your begins. What's going to happen next? It is up to you!