Blue Skin

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Alien Sextorigon

4 October 18

An inetrgalactic conference about proclaiming peace and cooperation between humanoid and alien races is about to take place. Ofcourse for such an important event there must be a good deal of security measures taken and sending the best people as the guards for ambassadors is one of them. You will notice the story of one of these guards who happened to meet the lovely (well, according to the alien measurments for sure) ambassador and fall in love with her. And that which he was not very likely expecting at all is that she has answered him with simpathy as well but is this even possible for species from distant corners of the galaxy to have bang-out? That's exactly what we are going to find out right here and now - follow the narrative and see everything with your own eyes!

[Jlullaby] Lapissed [Russian]

30 April 19

This parody comic will make you laugh, even if you don't know much about the history of Steven Universe. It has one simple idea: a cute chick serves extra large black cock with both her mouth and her throat. If you're actually interested, this cocksucking bitch actually is Lapis Lazuli


29 April 19

Liara T'soni, an alien lifeform named Liara, is enjoying the early hours. She's in the cockpit of a starship, and she decides to be a little naughty. Liara T'soni starts masturbating. She massages her cunt, and then plays with her clit. Her cunt begins to wet and drip onto her mattress. Liara T'soni then grabs a large vibrator and starts to fuck herself with it. She decides to have anal fun. Look at what happens next.

Mass Effect 2

29 April 19

Tali is working on her own mission, while Commander Shepard works on another mission. But who would have known that both missions will result in someone getting fucked up! We are confident that Jack and Liara, Shepard's companions, will take good care of him before you start thinking about her. You can be worried about Tali, however.