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Cannibal roulette

26 March 18

Today, you'll be the star at an event that is unique. There are six models who will perform for you this evening. While the theme is a cannibal themed party but only one will be the real cannibal. Therefore, you need to avoid going up close and personal with the girl. You can only avoid an awful fate if are all wearing the same outfits. The game is very similar to Russian Roulette. The only thing you need to do is take a gamble and trust that it will be right. In the event that it isn't your game could take a different turn for even games that are hentai-based. It's not a loss at all as this is just one game.

Meet and Fuck Secret Agent

12 April 18

As Secret Agent you function in this event. Some terrorists intend to attack United States. Construct and Professor Emmett Von Braun started and was first kidnapped to invent a system to create clone army! However, our representatives put Professor that was free and your job is to locate 5 portions.

Final Desire IV

30 April 19

Two hotties decided to reward their servant's loyalty and have some fun. The employee is invited to their bedroom. The two lovely ladies start to tease the servant as soon as he enters their room. The two beautiful ladies take off their shirt and show off their huge boobs. When he looks at the naked ladies, he is in for a surprise. The servant notices that both ladies don't have panties. He begins to touch their breasts and lick their pussies. They offer him a blowjob when they discover he's horny. The two women offer him a blow job and he gets to fuck both of them from behind.


30 April 19

A normal man was sitting in the library preparing for the tests of teleportation. After having a pizza dinner, he slipped into another dimension and stood up to get coffee. He looks up and sees that a bizarre, pink-colored monster has attacked the beautiful busty woman. The man pulls out his pocket knife and stabs the monster on the head. The dude thanked the girl. She strips off her robe, and she shows off her athletic physique with sexy boobs. The two then go on sex in the forest meadow.