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Sexy Redhead in RoPaS Castle

21 February 22

Somewhere in the old castle there is a hidden room in which the real fun is taking place from gambling to fucking the hottest redhead whores! But finding this room will be just one part of main task while the other part is to proove yourself being worthy to join. How are you supposed to do that? By exploring the halls and corridors that form a real labirynth! Here you will find a lot of various objects yet only those of them which can be used in a local analog of rock-paper-scissors game should be in focus of your interest. These locations you will be epxloring from first person perspective yet if you will learn how to use the map properly then barely it will be too much of a problem. And hurry up before the fun in secret room is only starting!


28 January 22

Somehow you managed to get on top of one very strange castle and now you have access to it's secret passages and dungeon cells. In these cells you will find hot looking and very horny ladies yet in order to have some kinky funtime with themyou will have to pay them with coin and in order to get this coin you will need to explore the labyrinth of secret passages first. Barely there is any need to tell that not every trapdoor leads to slutty hottie and sometimes there may be hidden less pleasant surprises behind them. Yet on the other sight it provides even more fun during exploration process because you never know for sure where exactly you will end up and what will happen! By the way all sex scenes are shown from first person perspective!

Castle Murmurs

21 May 21

"Castle Whispers" is not merely another one erotic game but erotic game with strong historical elements - it will take you to the medieval England in the middle of fourteen century! The main story will be revolving to a royal ostler Gregory who is going to marry his fiancee Geraldine. The problem is that Geraldine is quite sexy so Gregory is not the one who is willing to have her forearm and pussy. And as you know in such times as medieval a lot of strange things can happen when it comes to the rivalry because of a beautiful woman. Read"how to play" tutorial before startng the game to know about basic ways of interactions. In case in the event you still happened to stuck then try to type in the word MONK to find a hint on what to do next (whenever it will be possible).

Killer Magic

17 May 21

"Sexy Magic" is the game in pretty old-school genre of point and click quets with a huge addition of humor and intercourse momets into the story. This story will be about young magician who definitely has some skills yet how he can use them in order to get out of the tricky situations he constantly gets into is something that he will be mastering under your direct commands - each location of the game will be some sort a of a level with few puzzles which you are supposed to solve by interacting with different objects or using one object on another. And just like in any excellent old-school story after dealing with all the dangers on his way the hero will get himself a nice sexy chick! By the way this is the first chapter in miniseries so keep an eye for following vignettes on our website.

Castellum Res Venereae 4

8 April 21

4 a component of an interactive flash game about a woman who protects the planet from the obliges of evil and kills monsters. Nowadays she encompasses a thick problem to resolve. So, Creatures and ghosts inhabit the dark, alarming castle that. Additionally, there area unit several unusual traps and secret passages. Why is there an attractive and curvy doll during this uncommon place? Is she not here by chance? You want to facilitate the doll to induce out of the castle to freedom. Use the arrow buttons to maneuver along side the space button to hit. Move to the chest and take the blade. After that, get in pursuit of journey. Kill critters or comprise traps. Just in case the creatures catch you, they'll roughly fuck with force and gestures. Facilitate this doll escape to freedom, kill monsters and keep alive.

Castellum Res Venereae 3

8 April 21

This is a third part of the adventures of one hot looking girl in the dungeons of some old castlewhich is filled with deadly traps and horny monsters and which you as the player should escape, evade and defeat while helping this poor girl to find the way out of this place. Room by roomthe testings will be more and more challenging and getting to the exitdoor will be more and more difficult. And since you will barely solve all these dreadful puzzles from the first try you will at least get the chance to enjoy some quite kinky hentai sceneswhich in this part of the game has reached the quantity of 36in total! So yes, even failing in this game can be not only disappointing but also very exciting... unless you will be failing for too often ofcourse.

POTEMAYO Vol. 4 (Meitantei Conan) [English]

29 April 19

A second set of tales taken from "Detective Conan", which will allow you to see the characters you know from a new angle - that which is only possible in the hentai style! You will learn what entertainment the wealthy are having on a sea cruise, while the second story will show you how strange castles look!

Elana Champion of Lust Beta Chapter 1(updated 07/06/2017)

2 October 18

New updated version of Elana's exciting adventures is something you are going to play today. If you have played this game and luved it then you will be glad to get newer, more stable and filled with additions here and there in the gameplay version of the game. If you have not playe dthis game before than is there a better way to try the game than it's almost final (yep, the game is still in development) version of it? Either way you will enjoy this adventure in fantasy world made in quite interesting (and probably even unique ) art style and filled with interesting gameplay features that turn this not in some hentai gallery but a full-scale videogame where you may decide on the ways you need to play and lead one of the houses to the victory!

Desire and Conformity Part 2

7 July 18

The adventrue of newly married Alancy at the fancy castle of her husband are about to continue in"Desire and Submission - Part 2". If you have played the first part (and you are recommended to do that before strating this epsiode since they all are story oriented) then you already now that Alance has learned her first lesson about obedience and now she is ready to keep training in all bdsm disciplines her husband have for her... and not only him - as you will see Florian is not the only adept of gonzo hook-up inside teh castle! So join Alancy on this tough path of uncovering her true desires and finding sexuality and ofcourse don't forget to visit our website after that - third sequence should be available by the time you are playing this game!

Castellum Res Venereae 2

17 June 18

Part 2 is about the adventures of a beautiful busty beauty. So a beautiful and young girl fell into the castle located on the cliff. She doesn't remember what happened, but her goal is clear. she has to get out The girl hears a strange scream and realizes that there are prisoners in the castle. So, with your help, the girl must save herself and her captives. Avoid traps they can kill. Alsokill monsters. If caught, they will rape and kill you and make soup out of your bones and intestines. Use arrow buttons to move and jump. Each screen is represented by a room with traps. You need to go from point bto point b. Rescue the hostages along the way. Go seek freedom and salvation right now.

Kate's Dressdown

9 June 18

Today you got very lucky. No, ofcourse being stopped by the police officer is nothing good but the fact that you got stopped by non other than officer Kate Beckett (yep, the one from TV series"Castle") is actually a quite promising beginning. So if you always liked women in uniform more than anyone else then you are definitely gong to get very happy during this meeting! Why is that? Because she has stopped you not because you have done something bad but because she wants you to do something good for her and this"something" is to strip her down and to fuck her real good right here in the van! But since this is a game after all you are still going to accomplish a short quest which suppose you to figure out the proper order of taking off her clothes.

News Reporter

7 May 18

In this game you will meet reporter Nancy Boobitch (is it her real name or she accepted it as her stage name?). And you will see right from the embark what reporter talents she has! The game will begin with nancy getting a strange almost mysterious call from an unknow person. This call will end up in new job for her - she and her loyal (for some reasons) camera man will have to make report about haunted palace! There might be even ghosts there! Well, not might be - there WILL BE ghosts there... because you will be playing as only one of these ghosts. Your first challenge will be to play with Nancy's big jugs without getting caught on camera during the process - nice mixture of hentai fun game and testing your reaction! What else you can play with while nancy will be doing her job - you will know it from teh game!

Desire and Subjugation Ep. 1

17 April 18

Interactivebut old 3D video game. So, A lonely castle on the shore of a beautiful lagoon. Madame Countess is asleep in her room. Last night she had a sexy dream. Suddenly a butler enters the room and begins to wake the Countess. Now she needs help getting dressed. To do this, use the mouse to find items in the room. Once you do, the countess will be dressed. After that, the adventure will continue. Your mission in this game is to explore the castle, host guests, and have indecent sex. To do this, you must interact with the environment in the game. Unlock the secrets of the old castle and help the Countess experience multiple orgasms. Use your mouse to find hidden spots and you'll see something interesting. So let's start the game.