Cersei Lannister

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Adventures of Jaime Lannister

4 May 21

Jaime Lannister is among the principal character in mega-popular saga"The game of thrones" as well as thos eof you that ha snever watche dthe show or rea dthe books may understand who he is. However if you're planning to play this hentai parody game kowing that the lore of the planet and chief affairs is strongly recommended - not only it smore joy when you understand who's fucking with whome just but additionally tehre will be a quiz-like vignettes that you'll need to solve before you'll have the ability to move farther thru the narrative (ofcourse it is possible to attempt to figure the answers but it may take way longer than it'd took from a real aficionado ). Like from the TV series supreme events will occur alongside excellent fuck-fest scenes... having an demonstrable ribbon around the 2nd!