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Pussymon 13

22 March 18

The hunt for the most infrequent and most sexy pussymons will continue in scene 13: Greenrock Island! Ofcourse if you have not played previous gigs of this game series then you finer to check them first-ever (can be located on our website) because overall it is one massive story and very likely you will not wish to miss interesting components of it or not having a total image on what will be happening . As for this part of the excellent pussymon saga it will be taking place on Greenrock Island. You and your friends have arrived on it to find the dark forest because there is a possible connection between the island and a Void Portal. This portal is actually able to bring Brutemon back from the void and you truly not desire such consideration to happen any time briefly...

Sex Kitten: Mexico

1 May 18

Another portion of this sex adventure game where you can play with your girlfriend Slutty McSlut. This is quiz based adult game. Pick the perfect answers to progress the game. Improve your skills and unlock new sex scenes.

The Penthouse

23 May 18

"The Penthouse" is probably the most fance night club this town has to offer but you ought to inject it only if you don't mind on seducing and fucking tons of differnt fur covered ladies! You will be researching this club from very first person perspecive. Virtually all characters you will meet here can talk to you. Also don't forget to check the edges of game screen because it will allow to look around and see what else sexy furrie syou can find on each locations. When you will see a fur covered chick to talk to you can choos eone of multiple answers so try to pay attention what the dialog is about so you could control it and stir closer t your main goal - to fuck as many fur covered chicks as possible in one night! When it comes to fuckfest scenes they will also have some interactive elements in them so try different options and try not to rush.

Oddlots Irregulars

4 June 18

In this fun sex game, you must answer questions in order to view erotic images of hot hentai girls. If you look at the game screen and to the right side you'll see an attractive girl wearing a mini skirt and black socks. She will ask questions. If you are able to answerthe question, the girl will take off her clothes. On the left-hand side of the screenyou will be able to see the questions. You must choose the correct answer from three choices. If you're unsure regarding the correct answer, you can get details on the Internet. You must answer all questions in order to be able to take pleasure in the sexy ladies. When you look at her huge succulent breasts Would you like to look at them with no clothes on? You should begin doing it today.

Unshaved Fuck Game

4 July 18

This interesting flash game will say about how to have wooly orgy. So in the course of the game you will observe manifestations of intercourse among the inhabitants of the animal world. You will see how a squirrel travels the world and enjoys dirty and super-naughty orgy as you travel a long way. By way of example, once in the charming woods, she will find there sexual entertainment. If you like this type of relationship between animals - then this game is right for you. The control of the game is quite simple. Simply click on the down arrow, which is located on the right of the game screen. If you are all set to enjoy this game, start at this time.

Knarf's Quest

9 July 18

In this game you will be playing as Knarf. He runs a blog around thinsg he enjoys the most - Travels and pornography! And is there any nicer way to receive new impressions than have a long walk round the hotel while being on vacation? Of course not because in the hotle he will meet so many different characters with their own needs, stories and hooters sizes! And the last thing might be quite usefull because taking few truly cool nude photos is what your blog's devotees will appreciate a lot. So explore the hotel and get quests only to acquire sexy photosession in reards for completing them! The task for today is to get 16 distinct photographs in total. Graphics in this game is quite far from realistic but it is quite good for it's genre of jokey erotic escapade with furries.

World Map

13 September 18

This is not exactly the utter game yet the demonstartion version of it which is supposed to help you to get an idea in which just world the events are going to occur. And because you will understand pretty quick this planet is actually the nine realms of Hell which you will be not just visiting but trying to get under your control. You will be playing as the demon named Lust from the second circle of Hell which obviously will grant you with few useful skills on getting new friends and overcoming old enemies. Besides the story and quest parts you will also be fighting with different critters in turn based manner. During your adventures you will happen to meet a bunch of sexy hotties and you are welcomed to try to seduce and to fuck them ofcourse.

Pussymon: Episode 42

15 January 19

What's up guys, here's Pussymon: Episode 42. In this vignette we gonna meet a new place in Liunahelm, The Fruit Valley, there are 6 new Pussymon available, 19 new animations, a new scene with Scarlet in the side pursuit and over than 150 lines of text/story. As I've completed in vignette 40, this one is a bit smaller cause I was also working on Episode 43 (The Xmas Special) that will be released here in the next month. Last year was a fine year for Pussymon and 2019 gonna be even better. Guys, thanks. Happy 2019. You can download this and other sequences on my Patreon webpage: A cheat manager and a bonus scene featuring a new legendary Pussymon are available in the Special Editions. New improvements: - 6 new Pussymon. - 19 new animations. - A new scene with Scarlet. - 7 new main quests. - 1 new side quest. - Over than 150 lines of text/story. Thanks to everyone who's supporting me in this significant project, there's much more to come next month. Let me know if you find some error or bug, so I can fix it. See you afterward.

Pussymon 3

21 May 18

It has been quite a time since this episode was released and now we have already a few dozens of chapters in our amazing Pussymon Saga yet if you have discovered this advneture-quest-rpg-hentai game series just recently then you are making your first steps in this world and obviosuly having the opportuity to play all the episodes from the very first one is a great thing. The story continues however you'll already be able to receive regular (more or less) updates that feature new scenes from the story, brand new places to explore and even new sexy girls to meet! This process will be accompanied by packs of new sexy cards and animations each episode, and unlike other gameplay mechanics, this one is a regular throughout the entire series.