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Jordan 500 Stories: Shy Mike the Investor

1 May 18

We present to you with a brand-new sexual story about escort maiden Jordan. Now, this hot blonde and her companion Brooke are advancing to not only be awed but also earn a lot of cash. In order to do this, they're going to have to look out for the most fashionable cabarets and go out for the most beautiful clothing store they'll meet. This isn't an easy task for a typical female performer, but Jordan isn't your typical escort and, with a little help from Brook she'll probably succeed. The only thing that can hinder them is you, or more precisely your choices that you make over the course of the game. Therefore, you should not be astonished by the amazing ladies, and pay attention to the choices you make every time you have an opportunity. It's time to get playing.

Assault of the Summer Art

23 December 18

This game is some kind of indie project but it is about racing world including the two driving and managment parts. But what should appeal you longer that rigth kind the begin you will have a chocie to play with sex scenes on or off! So if you are adult enough and you don't have any desire to buy in-game trucks for double value your choice is visible. But before you will get involved into any animated sexual situations you will have to proove that you are a winner because hot femmes always prefered guys who drive swift trucks and and have a whole great deal of prize currency in their pockets. Gameplay of the race itself can make some time to get used to since it is created from top-down perspective but this should not be a problem if you recall teh days of GTA2 was well-liked...

Strip Contest 4

5 February 23

Part 4 of the video clip game in which you will have to seduce as well as fuck women to bring them to orgasm. To do this, you need to meet some conditions. At the beginning you need to select the appearance, then get clothing as well as accessories. For every level you pass, you get money that you can spend on clothing or on women. You need to discover a woman who is prepared for sex. If she agreed, then you can do whatever you want with her. You can just fuck, or you can set up group intercourse with other women. It depends upon the problem level. Because of this, you will learn the number of women are prepared to provide themselves to you.