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Demonica - v2

2 May 21

Adult minigame pulled out of the game"The Legend of LUST". It features 2 separate scenes and a lot of sexual positions including: slit invasion, ass-fuck and oral. This is version 2 of our special edition Demonica game. Try out the new"ultra jism" feature. Enjoy! Black screen issue: This matter is normally due to the security settings of the consumer's machine. If your machine is blocking the game from loading outward files the result will be a black screen. Please try the following solutions: - try the game directly on our website. - set your security settings to allow flash to geyser outward files. PS there seems to be some issues with the audio control system connected to the fact that it is uploaded on NG. The reason for this matter is uncertain. Please sense free to try this game directly on our website where you will also be able to choose from trio different resolutions. We apologize for the inconvenience.